Sounds like an advertisement for a washing powder don’t you think ??
There I was, searching for…not inspiration,
(The blogs I tend to follow are very much inspiration for me ), but for MOTIVATION …. I know I must write and keep the blog flowing, that was my original plan… but … It never happens like that for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and seeing what I write in print for my (small) circle of fellow bloggers, so I came across this BLOGO app, had a quick look at it and thought, “Maybe this app can give me some motivation”… so here goes. This is just a quick post to see how simple it is (they say it’s simple !!) and it is. A plain text editor with some whistles and bells but as far as I can see, for the moment, no provision for inserting pictures/graphics …. mind you, it is a TEXT EDITOR…where there’s a will…. NEW WONDER BLOGO WILL PROVIDE THE WAY !!!
Maybe the answer is (and I’m just thinking/writing aloud here) to write on a weekly basis instead of trying to write daily. I know the category of this is ‘A day in the life of a Steel City man’ but I can get round that…I reckon. Maybe I live such a boring life now I have retired, things worthy of blogging about are few and far between, other than the creaks and groans of my ageing body ……. Anyway, thinking/writing aloud about this has helped, I’ll go for quality rather than quantity and do extra blogs as they present themselves.