LAST NcogsinwallIGHT, I watched a news report of DONALD TRUMP … at a rally in NEVADA… OMG !!!!!!    Are you serious America ?? Do you really want this BUFFOON, this obnoxious, hate preacher and spouter of egocentriTrumpc fueled scare mongering rhetoric as your next President ??????   He seems to specialise in ‘scapegoating’, he excels at blaming other cultures for ALL the ills of American society. I tell you what America, as a citizen of Europe, that guy scares the sh1t out of me !!!!! (Mind you, it hasn’t been the first president that has scared it out of a lot of Europeans, Reagan and George W Bush did a similar scare job) …but this Guy Trump with his childish personal attacks on his opponents is the limit. I mean if he can’t take his opponents principles and construct a argument against them without resorting to statements like, “if he was here I’d punch him on the nose”, or initiating vile personal attacks on his opponent’s family, then to my mind he has no place in politics, let alone WORLD POLITICS. Trump would very quickly isolate America on the world stage, with even the UK putting more distance  between our countries.

Can you imagine Mr Trump with his finger on the ‘button’ ??? saying to Mr Putin on the ‘hot line’, “Listen here commie, get out of the Ukraine now or we’ll bomb the hell out of you” …. and slamming the phone down on him. Which is just what he said (less the commie bit) about Syria ! there would be no peace process, just ignorance and belligerence….and war.

I really don’t understand why the American people can embrace such a man and want him for the president…maybe I can to some extent understand, after all the German people rallied round Herr Hitler because he promised them an end to the strife caused by the Jews..and the Communists..and the Slovacks… and every one else that wasn’t Aryan. Much like Trump with his promise to build a wall cutting Mexico off AND making them pay for it, because they are taking our jobs, not paying taxes and bringing crime to the streets of America …… so yes, I can see why some people may be attracted to Trump…His vision of America is Sooooo different from the vision your forefathers had when they threw off the yolk of British oppression in 1783, and it doesn’t look to me to be a nice place to be in, a Trump style America.  Charisma wins converts (as history shows) and if you have a good speech writer to boot, then you could have a winning formular…God forbid !!

At the end of the day, even though you threw off the yolk of British oppression, it had allready been replaced by the oppression and near  anillalation  of the indigenous occupants, the native Americans. However,  that is another story for another articogsinwallcle on this blog.

If I have ruffled a few feathers with my words, then I don’t apologise, I say what I mean. All I am expressing is my dismay at how the ‘civilised’ American people can take to their hearts  a man so full of hatred (and money) I feel they are being led by the nose by emotive hate speech. IF he finds his way into the White House, it won’t be a case o
f GOD BLESS AMERICA…it will be a case if GOD HELP AMERICA……. AND THE REST …..explosives05