On the 1st August 2016, I decided to produce a Vlog as an outside broadcast rcogsinwallather than in my office or front room. I had thought about doing this ever since I saw the work of a New Yorker named CASEY NEISTAT who produces some awesome films on You tube (check him out )… I know, I’ve mentioned him before, but he is cool and inspirational. Before I retired, I worked as a Detached Youth worker, so I naturally thought I would have no problems walking around meeting people and talking to them …. with a camera on the end of a big stick !! In fact I found I was quite self conscious  and overcoming the feeling of embarrassment  was a bit of a hurdle. W
hilst I was filming, if anyone walked past or near me, I would stop filming until they had passed…not a good state of affairs for a wannabe You Tuber/film maker. Not overcome it yet entirely, but making progress.

yorkshireday2016  1st of August was, of course, YORKSHIRE DAY, when every Yorkshire person worth their salt celebrates the very YORKSHIRENESS  of everything appertaining to God’s own county, Yorkshire. We are a fiercely proud tribe, us TYKES, as we are known throughout the (non Yorkshire) land … anyway, the Vlog was started on the 1st August and bits from the 2nd August were incorporated . As I have said previously, the Vlogs at the moment are merely a vehicle for me to learn, how to Vlog, Edit in iMovies and find my niche in the Vlogging world. I’ve not found too many senior citizens active in the vloggosphere at the moment. I need to produce stuff that will encourage more seniors to take part … what form and with what content, I’m not sure yet…but as I say, I’m still on the learning curve. There’s plenty of good inspiration around, but they are in the main younger people who are generally quite photogenic, trendy and energetic … that should rule me out then as I am not very good to look at, certainly not trendy (I’d look a bit daft with a back to front baseball cap on !!! ) and energetic I am most definitely NOT, though I do my best. IF ANY OLDER PEOPLE ARE READING THIS, tell me, in the comments below, what would hold your interest in a Blog or Vlog.

I talked to some seniors in the park whilst making the Vlog, and a delightful group of ladies (and a gentleman) they were… all out walking the dogs in the sunshine (thanks again for sparing the time to talk to me.)

****  A LINK TO THE VLOG ON YOU TUBE IS HERE  **** should you wish to see the fruits of my labour. If you like it please give it a thumbs up and feel free to comment on it.

The next blog post will probably be on the poetry or music cogsinwall section in the next few days and the next Vlog (weather permitting ) will be another outside broadcast when time permits.